Boat Insurance FAQs

Shopping for a boat is exciting. Buying boat insurance isn’t

Yet it’s a necessity. Boat insurance does more than just protect your investment. A dedicated policy prepares you for the unexpected, providing some much-needed peace of mind while cruising the water.

Although there are countless available options, deciding on a boat insurance policy shouldn’t sink your fun. Let NavSav Insurance throw you a lifeline. Serving the greater Spring, TX community, our experienced agents are here to help. 

Here are five common questions about boat insurance:

What is boat insurance?

Boat insurance protects any motorized watercraft against accidents or damage. But it also shields the people onboard. You, your guests, and other people sharing the waterways are covered under your plan.

What does boat insurance include?

Each policy is different. But virtually every boat insurance contains liability safeguards for both bodily injury and property damage. Collision and comprehensive plans are also common.

Is boat insurance required?

In short, no. But a lending agent may mandate certain coverage limits. Either way, boat insurance is still a must. Boating without proper coverage is a risk.

Do I need boat insurance all year?

Avoid the temptation to cancel your policy during the off-season. While this seems like an easy way to save some money, it’s not worth the exposure. Storm damage, fires, floods, and vandalism can still destroy your boat, even in storage.

Isn’t my boat insured under my homeowners policy?

Homeowners insurance may cover certain watercraft, but these protections are minimal and limited. There is also typically a capped limit for claims. Only a specific, specialized boat insurance policy can grant you full protection.

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