What does umbrella insurance cover?

What is umbrella insurance? Umbrella insurance, also known as personal liability insurance, is a type of coverage that helps protect you from financial losses in the event that you are sued for damages. This can include things like medical expenses, property damage, and legal fees. Consult with NavSav Insurance if you are in the greater Spring. TX community to learn more about your options.

What does umbrella insurance cover?

Umbrella insurance policies typically provide $1 million to $5 million in coverage, but you can find policies that offer more or less coverage depending on your needs.

There are a number of benefits to having an umbrella insurance policy. Perhaps the most important benefit is that it can help protect your assets in the event that you are sued for damages. An umbrella policy can also help cover costs associated with accidents or injuries that occur on your property. Umbrella insurance will kick in after your other policies, like home insurance or auto insurance, have reached their limits.

Choosing the right umbrella insurance policy can be confusing, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure you buy enough coverage to protect yourself and your assets. Second, read through the terms and conditions of the policy carefully to make sure you understand what is covered and what is not covered. Finally, always file a claim with your insurer as soon as possible after an incident occurs.

Get The Right Coverage For Your Needs

So if you’re looking for extra peace of mind when it comes to protecting your assets, it may be worth looking into an umbrella insurance policy. With the right coverage, you can rest easy knowing that you and your family are protected in the event of an accident or lawsuit. If you would like an umbrella policy, call NavSav Insurance today. We proudly serve the Spring. TX area.