Commercial insurance FAQs

Owning a business means that you face risks every day of the week. It is hard to survive all of the risks. Having the right commercial insurance can go a long way to making it easier to remain in business no matter what happens. We at NavSav Insurance in Spring, TX are independent agents, which means we can customize your insurance products for you and your business. We have access to a variety of top carriers. 

Commercial insurance FAQs

Is any commercial insurance required in Texas?

Texas is one of the few states that has no requirement for commercial insurance at all, not even workers’ compensation. But that doesn’t mean that it is a good idea to go without them. Without workers’ compensation insurance, you open your business up to legal action if an employee is hurt on the job and decides to sue you for medical expenses and lost time. 

What is BOP? 

A BOP is a business owner’s policy. It is a combination of lines that usually allows you to get a better rate. The two most common elements in a business owner’s policy are commercial property insurance and commercial liability insurance. You do have the option to add business interruption insurance to the other two for more complete protection. 

Do you have to own your building to benefit from commercial property insurance? 

No, a commercial property policy is not just about the building that houses your operation. It is about the things you need to do business. This can be office equipment, tools, machinery, inventory, raw materials, furniture, records, display units, cabinets, and whatever it takes for you to be able to conduct business. 

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