Required Auto Insurance in Texas

When you have a vehicle in Texas, it is required for you to have an auto insurance policy that covers it. Within that auto policy, there are different kinds of coverage that are required. Each of these types of coverage gives you specific protection so that you are well-covered for certain risks. In addition to the required types of coverage, it is generally recommended that you get other types of coverage that provide you better protection against more risks.

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Required Liability Insurance 

There are two types of liability coverage that are required within each policy and three separate coverage amounts. One of these is a set minimum amount of coverage for bodily injury for a single person who becomes injured. There is an additional amount required for bodily injury coverage for all of the people who suffer injuries in an accident. Both of these amounts are to pay for medical bills for someone else who is injured in an accident that is deemed to be your fault. There is also a set minimum amount for property damage liability to pay for property damage that happens to someone else’s property after an accident that you caused. 

Other Types of Auto Coverage 

In addition to your liability coverage types, there is also personal injury protection, or PIP, that is required to be in your policy unless you waive this coverage type in writing. However, it’s a good idea to keep this coverage. It pays for your own medical bills after you have been in an accident. In addition, it’s a good idea to have collision coverage to pay for the damage to your own vehicle should you be in an accident that is your fault. 

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