Commercial Insurance

Running a business means taking care of a wide range of details to ensure your ability to make a profit and enjoy healthy growth. Unfortunately, many incidents can occur that can cause expensive losses for your business and can hamper your ability to succeed. At NavSav Insurance, we can provide the answers you need to ensure your business is properly covered against unexpected losses.

Why Commercial Insurance Is So Important to Your Business Success

Entrepreneurs plan their business finances carefully, paying attention to tax requirements and future needs. However, they can’t plan for unexpected events such as damaging accidents, weather events, and contract disputes. Business insurance is designed to provide protection for businesses, to help them defray the costs of these unexpected events. The right insurance can help you to grow your business and prevent setbacks that can undermine your careful plans.

Types of Insurance Your Business May Need

General liability insurance is standard coverage for most businesses. However, you may own your business property and may need property insurance to cover your investment, as well. Individuals engaged in a profession may need insurance to cover “errors and omissions” that may occur. If you use vehicles in your business, you may need commercial auto coverage. Worker's compensation insurance is required in most states to cover the medical costs of workers injured on the job, as well as their lost wages. Some businesses design and manufacture their own products, which may require product liability coverage. Even home businesses need some types of insurance.

Make NavSav Your Choice for Commercial Insurance Coverage

The insurance professionals at NavSav Insurance can provide answers to your questions and help you determine the right coverage for your type of business. We offer a range of insurance products, for home life, auto, health, and small business. Contact NavSav Insurance today for a free, no-obligation quote on commercial insurance that can protect your business’s financial stability.