Umbrella Insurance

The protection offered by an umbrella inspired the name for this type of insurance. It can fulfill several functions with one policy. If you have questions about umbrella insurance, call us at NavSav Insurance to find out more about what these policies can do for you.

Expanding Your Insurance Coverage

With an umbrella insurance policy, you fill in some of the gaps that are left behind by other policies such as your auto insurance or homeowners' insurance. These insurance types often have low coverage for liability, and an umbrella policy expands this coverage. More people are seeking out these policies because lawsuits for higher amounts have been getting more common. They may exceed the liability coverage that you have. With an umbrella policy, you can expand the coverages of several types of insurance all at once.

Confidence and Insurance

Being afraid of the future is no way to live. With the best insurance that you can fit into your budget, you can take away some of that fear. With umbrella coverage, you no longer have to worry that one incident or one lawsuit will wipe out all of your life savings. It's extra protection against the unexpected. You can sleep better at night knowing that your liability coverage is as high as it needs to be and that things will be taken care of in the event of an accident. Feel more confident about the future by getting the coverage you need.

Call Us Today

Call us at NavSav Insurance today to make an appointment. We can analyze your existing coverage and make sure that you are aware of any gaps in them. We can then show you various umbrella policies that could help you to close those gaps and leave you fully covered.